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Thanks for the response, Ray. I took a look at the project you mentioned.

I’m guess I’m out of my league right now trying how I would change the eto weather adjuster. I looked through this file ( but nothing really jumps out as a feasible stateful way to accumulate eto data over a configured period of time.

Is it possible as a future feature to calculate eto from when a program was last run, or a set number of days? E.g. if I only have it set to run twice a week for deeper watering of tall fescue. Then the program could identify when it was last run to know what the current eto should be.

Or I guess a better question; What would you do if you were in my position trying to set up a residential irrigation schedule for a lawn that shouldn’t have daily waterings? I’d like to utilize tools that would make these weather adjustments in a smart way.