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Thank you, yes I could see now to connect a sensor to for example to: SN1 and GND.

Then I think I could understand that it could be possible that when the sensor reaches a certain level and rain sensor is automatic on the OpenSprinkler, it would not run a watering program if I assume.

I am divided to perheps use a Soil Moisture sensor instead: “Irrometer Watermark Soil Moisture Sensor 5FT Water Conserving Monitor Probe”
The function I am after is to override and Not let watering programs run when moisture levels is over a certain threshold. The idéa I have is that moisture in the ground/garden is the result of Rain and temperature.

Sorry for asking but could this one below be compatible so I am not buying something that might not be compatible?

Done some research it seems this one should have some quality to it or if you can recommend any wired moisture sensor with good quality.

The only info about “soil” when searching in the “OSAPI2.2.0” is the below. How does it work. For example isn’t moisture levels between 0-100%.
Is it possible to for example only let a specific watering program (Ex: “WaterProgram1”) run if the level is <= 30% etc. I am not sure how to make code for this?

sn1t: Sensor 1 type. (0: not using sensor; 1: rain sensor; 2: flow sensor; 3: soil sensor; 240 (i.e. 0xF0): program switch).