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Eric Moran


Thank you for the quick response.

When you say “Sensor/switch controls whether a programs runs or not”. Does that mean that if a program is set to run for 30 seconds, and that program is triggered by a toggle switch, and that switch is activated, the program will continue to re-run until the switch is deactivated? Or does that mean that once the switch is activated the program runs once and needs to be reactivated to run the program again?

I do appreciate that the code is opensource, and the work that has gone into it. With that said, I am not that good with coding. Most of what I do is either copy and paste or 30 lines or less. I wouldn’t know where to begin to edit your code.

So what I guess I a trying to say is, if a switch being activated will continue to trigger a program (as long as the switch stays active), then I can work with that. If a switch being active will only trigger the program once, regardless of the switch still being active, thent would be easier for “me” to modify my code to send 2 second pulses instead of a steady on or steady off.

Again, thank you for your time and efforts.