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Hello Guys,
Trying to compile this as Raspberry Pi is essentially impossible to buy. I’m running Arduino Ide 2.1.0 (latest). Installed the libraries mentioned on GIT. Having this issue while compiling:

/home/adam/Downloads/OpenSprinkler-Firmware-ESP32port-master/examples/mainArduino/mainArduino.ino:14:13: error: stray ‘#’ in program
UIPEthernet #include “OpenSprinkler.h”
/home/adam/Downloads/OpenSprinkler-Firmware-ESP32port-master/examples/mainArduino/mainArduino.ino:14:1: error: ‘UIPEthernet’ does not name a type
UIPEthernet #include “OpenSprinkler.h”

exit status 1

Compilation error: stray ‘#’ in program