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Also: I understand OS may miscount the pulses from the sensor, but once it gets that figure, right or wrong it may be, the rest of the math should add up.
If my sensor really does (per datasheet) 50 pulses / sec when the flow is 100 l/min, the “Flow Pulse Rate” parameter to configure in OS UI should be: (100/60) L /sec = 50 pulses –> 1.67 L = 50 pulses –> 0.033 L/pulse; the UI allows 0.03 and 0.04, so I set it at 0.03 L/pulse. From practical testing, monitoring the level of the reservoir, I figured that the correct figure was somewhere between 0.03 and 0.04 so close.

I then irrigated 120 seconds, and from IFTT I get two emails at the end of cycle:

First email: “Station XYZ closed. It ran for 2 minutes 0 seconds. Flow rate: 1363.91”
Second email: “Flow count: 2852, volume: 85.56”

My OS is set to Metric. What’s the unit of measurements of these three figures?

From the flow count = 2582, as it run for 120 seconds, the sensor was giving 21.5 pulses/second. I presume all the calculation start from 2582, right or wrong it may be, so now:
1) Since I set 0.03 L/pulse, 2582 * 0.03 = 77.46 L total: why is volume showing as 85.56? The math just does not ads up..?
2) What’s the unit of measure of the flow rate? L/hr? L/what? Still gallons? Because if I take for granted 85.56 L / 2 minutes, that is 2566 L / hr. Where is 1363 coming from?