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Sorry for the late reply, did not see the update mails.

, it seems to me, that after a factory reset the AP is not started, but OTF is in OpenSprinkler::start_network() and this leads to a crash, when OTF want’s to start the server (server.begin) – I’m guessing here – ‘cos the TCP stack is not available. If I start an AP/STA beforhand, than it does not crash.

which LCD are you using?

: I’ve (hard)disabled LAN support (for now). It’s possible to get it working, but I don’t have any LAN boards now. It does not matter if you use I2C portexpander or an 74HC595 shift-register. I’m using the later on my custom board, since that’s how my friend designed it. On an another install I’ve I2C expanders. Really does not matter. About the encoder: I’m not 100% happy with the 3 button solution, I prefer to use a rotary encoder, but did not had the time to finish the implementation – it’s much more difficult, than I first calculated due to the extensive button logic.

Finally my test setup’s parts arrived, I’ll put the together quickly to speed up the debugging.