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@polskifacet I’ve check Ja.Charer’s esp32.h and I see the issue. For some reason he changed the I2C pins from the default 21/22 PINS to PIN 4/5. To get the screen working do the following:

– pull esp32.h (just I file) from my repo, I’ve changed it to reflect Ja.Charer’s original config

After that search for ‘SDA’ in OpenSprinkler.cpp, and change SDA and SCL near it to SDA_PIN, SCL_PIN – this should be done in 3 places, around line 96, 98 and 789 (I’ve done some other changes, so I cannot push it to git now).

.238 check the wiring/routing and change the pin in esp32.h accordingly. (E0_PIN_SENSOR1 and E0_PIN_SENSOR2)

I’m using a totally different board, so – till today – esp32.h reflected my setup. FYI: you should always check esp32.h if it matches your HW setup.