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@v1pr I wasn’t able to compile with the new version of ESP32.H, I used the old one and just made the changes you suggested and put my pins etc. The GPIOs function in the correct order now (I assume those were double assigned to something else). LCD still doesn’t want to comply :(. Any other tips?

#if defined(LCD_SH1106)
SH1106Display OpenSprinkler::lcd(LCD_I2CADDR, SDA, SCL);
SSD1306Display OpenSprinkler::lcd(LCD_I2CADDR, SDA_PIN, SCL_PIN);

if defined(ARDUINO)
#if defined(ESP32)
if(!Wire.begin(SDA_PIN,SCL_PIN)) { DEBUG_PRINTLN(F(“Error initiating I2C”)); }
Wire.begin(); // init I2C