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Thanks for the reply. I will look into replacing the display.

My goal in doing the upgrade is to be able to access OpenSprinkler remotely. After succeeding with the firmware update, I successfully obtained a token from openthings. I also successfully enabled the token in my opensprinkler device. The Integrations OpenThings Cloud indicates Connected.

I have not been able to figure out how to add the device to my iphone app. I have one device in the app that I have been using when connected to my local network. I went through the add device with an OpenThings Cloud connection type. I wasn’t sure what the OpenSprinkler Name should be. Should it be the same as the device name I was using for my local network connection or should it be the Device Description I gave to OpenThings when obtaining my token? I tried both.

1. When I gave it the same name I was using for my local network connection, I seemed to be left with only one device using the token. It worked when I was connected to the local network but when I got out of range I just got a network error.

2. When I gave it the same name as my OpenThings device description it created a second device but I was still not able to control OpenSprinkler remotely.

Trying to figure out where to go from here. I guess I could try it from a browser. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.