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Follow-up to the last exchange with Ray on June 11th:

I had already rebooted OS. Location was still my home location. I continued this run.
24 consecutive successful calls
After the first failure, there was only 1 successful call out of 21 calls (95% failure rate)

I then changed to a location 1 town away. I hope that this is what was meant by “slightly”.
I did NOT reboot OS. Changing the location caused OS to start a new weather call sequence.
There was no continuous successful call sequence at the start.
The failure rate was 92% (25 calls, 2 Successful)

I then rebooted OS and changed to a location 2 towns away.
23 consecutive successful calls
After the first failure, the failure rate was 90% (31 calls, 3 Successes)

I have no more testing/data collection planned, but I will do some if there is another suggestion to try.