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Shane Pike

OK, so the search function on the support homepage does *not* search the actual user manuals. You have to download those and search them separately.

For @racelife and anyone else having this issue, here is how Support explained it to me:

[b-quote]What happened was that the recent Android update removed the previously saved sites due to Google changing Android SDK. So your previously saved sites (including saved password) are probably deleted. All you need to do is to re-add the device by using its IP (or using OTC token if you have set it up for remote access via OTC). If you don’t remember the device password, you can reset the device password using buttons on the controller.[/b-quote]

Here are instructions for resetting the password:

[quote]if you have forgotten your device password, you can use buttons to bypass the password.

To do so, first remove power from OpenSprinkler; then plug the power back in, as soon as you see the OpenSprinkler Logo, press and hold push-button B3, and continue holding B3 until the LCD displays ‘Setup Options’. Then click B3 as many times as you need until it shows ‘Ignore Password’. Click B1 to select Yes, and finally press and hold B3 until the controller reboots itself. Now you can access the controller with any password. For security reasons, we recommend you to immediately change the password and set the Ignore Password option back to No.[/quote]

These instructions allowed me to regain access to my device.

Here is the user guide that has those instructions and more: