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Hi Samer,

I had 2.3.0 in Android-Version for many time without problems, but I updated on 2.3.2 and I have any problems. At first, the settings are gone, I must renew name, IP and password and the station-pictures are gone. And I have no chance to renew the station-pictures. I go “add image”, select image from my phone “save” and at last “submit”. The App replys “Station have been update” but never had beed changed, no picture. I test it many ways with Android 11 and 12.
I downgrade to 2.3.0, activate my backup and everything works fine. No problem, show all pictures.
If You have fix this, I would like to test 2.3.3 and give You feedback. Can I download 2.3.3 for testing purpose? I don’t have found this version on any place.
Thanks for Your reply!