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Hi Samer,

I hope, i have understand Your questions correctly, my english isn’t very perfect.

In 2.3.2 it is not possible for me to attach pictures that I have already recorded. This is my main problem, as I wrote.
I go to “Add image”, choose the picture from my phone, go to “Save” and finally “submit”. The app responds “Station has been updated” but nothing changes, no picture is displayed.

I use “Titanium Backup” to backup. Until version 2.3.0 it worked well. But when I updated to version 2.3.2, the restoration of the data no longer works. No station images, no data, nothing. I think you have changed the place where you save data in the app.
No problem, I can easily renew data manually, but I can’t attach pictures. Is it possible that I make a mistake?

I very much hope that you have fixed this in version 2.3.3. It would be great, if the settings are retained after update as before.