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Thanks! I think this feature shows promise!

So, I can activate a program based on a sensor input. Excellent!

I have few questions to wrap up:
1. Does it preempt any program currently going on? Or, does it just add it to the queue for when any current program finishes?
2. If this “Zone Activate” program is running, will a normal, scheduled program override it?
3. I assume when the Zone Activate program finishes, the controller will restart Zone Activate if/when the sensor input is recognized again. Is there a delay? As in: If Zone Activate enables a pump for an hour. After the hour, will the controller shut off the pump and then look for the switch input thus causing the pump to stop for a time, or will the controller recognize the switch is still “pressed” and thus restart Zone Activate without switching off the pump? (Cycling a pump like this is not good for it). Otherwise, I could make Zone Activate last 24 hrs, but how would I stop it when the sensor input goes away after say 2 hrs and Zone Activate is no longer needed?

Thank you, thank you, so much!