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The use-case is pretty straightforward: I’m a home-owner, so this is just for me and my 12-zone system. I personally love the app and during the season greatly appreciate the flexibility and functionality of OS. However, I don’t open or close my system in the spring/fall (I live in the northeast, so it needs to be winterized, and then in the spring it needs to be turned on and usually repaired since there’s oftentimes a few sprinklers or pipes that didn’t survive the winter).

So I outsource the opening/closing to a local irrigation company. But for them to do their work they need to turn on each zone individually for an unspecified amount of time. Some zones blow out quicker than others during winterizing. Some zones need to be on longer for troubleshooting in the spring. And since I’m not necessarily there when they are doing the work I can’t turn each individual zone on and off for them when they need it.

So a program doesn’t work since it doesn’t let them turn on the specific zone for the specific amount of time they need (which is unique in each case). And I’d rather not have to figure out how to get them into the app and teach them how to use it…

So that’s my use-case. It’s not that I want to do everything using buttons, exactly, but rather that twice a year there is a specific situation that needs (ie, would benefit from) that functionality. The rest of the time the app is wonderful and I’m happy I made the switch. But I truly can’t figure out how to deal with the opening/winterizing given the situation.