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Brendan Coupe

I restored the image I made in March 2023 and everything worked. I did not realize that the rain sensor was active before I restored the RPi image but as soon as the system booted up, the rain sensor was active (happens when it’s cold). It was not active on the system prior to restoring the image. I guess that was the first hint of a problem.

I then restored the recently updated version of the OSPi software, and everything was working correctly. At this point it appears both the hardware and the OSPi software is not the problem.

I ran apt upgrade and dist-upgrade on the RPi. The OSPi still worked.

Kernel when the system did not work: 6.6.26-v7+
Kernel after the restore (from a year ago): 5.15.82-v7+
Kernel after running update: 5.10.103-v7+

I also know that the kernel on a the system running at my old house is 6.1.55-v7+ and if it wasn’t running they would have called me by now.

My next step is to backup the working image and update the kernel to the latest (rpi-update) and see if that causes the problem. This won’t happen for a few days.

Any other ideas?