OpenSprinkler Forums Hardware Questions OpenSprinkler Pi (OSPi) Ok to hardwire 7 zones (7 x 24V AC valves in parallel) with OSPI? Reply To: Ok to hardwire 7 zones (7 x 24V AC valves in parallel) with OSPI?



Yeah, I inserted 7 wires into one single port. See where the black cable goes into port 1 and all 7 wires are hardwired with a WAGO connecting clamp. I tested it about 4 times, but only for 5 minutes (so 4 x 5 min together) and it seemed to be working. This was on May 2. After reading your response I disconnected it again for now (thanks for the Heads up) – better safe than sorry. I hope it didn’t burn anything yet :-/

The valves I use are 100-HV-MM Rain-Bird 24V AC (nothing special as far as I know):

What I find strange is that your “fellow” German OpenSprinkler shop sells this AC Adapter ( and promotes it with “Can operate/run up to 8 zones simultaneously!” – EDIT: Well, rereading this page now and watching the embedded video it means “Can run up to 8 zones in parallel – but the each zone is connected to 1 individual port”. So this clarifies it…

> In the firmware you can set these zones all to parallel, and that way you create a program, run each zone 1 hour, they will all turn on at the same time, so they all finish together. I just don’t understand why this is not a feasible option?

I already have a zone expander and enough open ports. But I rethought our “problem” over the weekend and maybe I/my family need to change their “mental model” on how we use OpenSprinkler. At the moment me and my family (wife/kids) very often manually start zones (no program) whenever they think this is needed (with the Android app). So they start all dripline zones (group P) and then 2 or 3 sprinkler zones (group A). And they expect the driplines to run in parallel and sequentially followed by the sprinklers. But then driplines (P) will run together with the sprinklers.

We already have separate programs for the driplines and the sprinklers. But – and that’s the change we have to do – we have to make sure that these programs are schedules on completely different days (or times) to make sure they will not run in parallel. And then I will need to tell my family that the “dripline zones” (P) will run in parallel with everything else. So my family can still start the driplines / or dripline program manually but they should wait before they start any sprinklers manually, too. Otherwise they would run in parallel. I think we can change our behaviour here.

Thanks for the input.