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I forgot to mention: not sure if this is anything useful to you: although you should’t insert multiple zones into one port, you CAN, however, insert one zone simultaneously into multiple ports (i.e. you split the wire into multiple, so that you can insert them to multiple ports). This allows the same physical zone to be opened by multiple logic zones, so that if any of the ports opens, the physical zone opens. This has been used by some customers in situations where the same zone needs to be associated with different pump/master zones in different programs. For example, if a physical zone A needs to trigger master 1 in program 1, but master 2 in program 2, the current firmware does not allow you to dynamically change associated masters on the fly. But if you insert zone A simultaneously to say, port 5 and 7, and have zone 5 associate with master 1, and zone 7 associate with master 2, then in program 1 you can schedule zone 5 and program 2 schedule zone 7. This way, both programs will result in physical zone A to open, but they trigger different master zones.