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I realize the original posting was a year ago and I too am not very good at Python but I’m muddling through with altering the code of the original “” code to address changes from what I believe was Python2 to Python3. I’ve made a few changes that were fairly easy, such as the requirement that a print command have the line to be printed within parenthesis. For example, you used to be able to say { print “Hello World” } but it now must be { print(“Hello World”) }. Another fix was a change in a variable name… at the moment, I forgot it but I saw it discussed in another thread. My current issue I’m trying to figure out is about obtaining the device’s IP address. Somehow, there are issues about the format and type of data that is stored in the variable. I believe that the original variable calls for the IP address and verifies that it is at least 7 characters long, to determine if it is a real IP address or not. Then it needs to put that number in a print command but the number must be converted from I believe an integer to a string so that it can be concatenated on a line of text with other characters. I will be using the 20-character/4-line display (2004a).