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I went digging for a reason why there is confusion between the “OpenSprinkler-Hosted-Controller” and “OpenSprinkler-Controller”. I found the issue in the in “OpenSprinkler-Hosted-Controller”. The zip file links to “OpenSprinkler-Controller” and I assume that is why you are getting PHP files from the hosted version.

Regardless, I have renamed things to help clear the confusion. Are you trying to run the PHP version which will give you the benefit of logging? Or are you trying to just grab the native app and get going without setting up Apache or any server?

Update: To be more complete with this answer, there is a lot of changing going on. At this very moment, there are many variants to my mobile application. The hosted version is available here: however this version is being phased out for the native applications (more information The PHP version, OpenSprinkler-Controller, is the version that was required for firmware 1.8.3-2.0.3 because no easy to parse method was available for a native mobile application. In addition, the PHP code polls the OpenSprinkler for its status every minute and lets you view the data graphically. If that is what you’re interested in let me know, otherwise the easier options are the native apps or fallback