I added an installer to streamline the process.

If you already have a web server this can be deployed in two easy steps:

mkdir -m 777 /var/www/sprinklers

git clone https://github.com/salbahra/OpenSprinkler-Controller.git /var/www/sprinklers

If you do not have git installed you can simply grab the zip and extract it. Download here: https://github.com/salbahra/OpenSprinkler-Controller/archive/master.zip

The permissions are to allow the installer to make new files inside the directory (config and log files). Your welcome to chmod 644 after the install process.

All you have to do is put the files in your web server’s directory and open the website! The default configuration options are already filled out at the bare minimum you just need to put a user name, password, and your OpenSprinkler IP and password.

Once the install is done a popup will come up notifying you of an error or success. There isn’t much info if it fails at this point but most likely a permission error somewhere. Also, the script automatically adds the crontab to log valves for you, if it can.

Some screenshots of the install process: