Hi Ray,

I received the replacement components and soldered them in place. Everything seems to be working well now.

I’m sure the zener diode was destroyed because the resistance between the new and old one was very different. I also replace IC1 and D2 at the same time – not sure if there were issues with these components or not, but they were already out, and I had new ones to put in. I checked resistance between VIN and GND and measured >10 kohms, and about 80 ohms depending on which way I put the leads on. After powering up, VIN read 5.0 v +/- .1 and VCC was 3.3 v +/- .1.

The display is functioning as expected.

I’m struggling a bit with my ‘mini-router’ now but I think I make a new thread for that.

Thanks for your help!