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I built mine last WE and installed it and seem to have had the same problem as COsgood this week.

I have the same rev board and FW, 3 stations and a master valve. I have them setup to run sequentially from 7am for 10min each.

The first couple of days it cut out on the second station and just displays a blank screen and then the last couple of days it has been cutting out on the first station.

I am going to try taking off sequential for tomorrow and see if it is OK as COsgood suggested.

I have brought it inside tonight to test without valves (no wifi or cat5 to the garage yet) and it runs through a test run-once program of the same length OK.

The transformer is the same one I ran on the old controller with the same configuration. It is 24VAC 1A(although runs at 28V).

I will do some more trouble shooting over the WE and may even see if I have the same result with the previous FW version.