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@Dan in CA wrote:

@scottsh, The point was that having a blank station name could cause the entire program to stop working under certain conditions. Even the most obscure bugs are worth fixing.

Not so obscure really, I was using the sprinkler_pi application which was on the pre-configured SD card. It had zone 1 hardcoded to Master Valve, and since I didn’t need any master valve, I simply used zones 2-8. So, when I moved to your application, I didn’t bother to move all the terminals, but just removed the Zone 1 name, to make it a little cleaner to look at, instead of S1 or “Master Valve”. 🙂

But I guess this segways over to scottsh’s original question, should the UI be tweaked to allow for showing less zones than bulks of 8 per expansion board?

Personally, if I had the opportunity to enable/disable zones in the UI so the disabled ones wouldn’t show, I would probably do that, to keep things as clean as possible. I do the same with the home automation system. It has a ton of possible options, but I only show what use the most, and which makes it easier for the wifey. Happy wife, happy life..