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@Dan in CA wrote:

I just pushed an update to GitHub (master branch only) that should fix this problem.
Try updating and let me know how it goes.

Great! The zone are now off when the system starts up.

However, I’ve noticed some instabilities in the state handling. To test the system I’ve been running the zones manually, but after a certain time (not sure if it’s time or state change based) the system will not react to manual changes. Even if I use commands such as Stop Operations, Manual Off, etc I cannot change the current state. My only choice is to reboot 😯 (or terminate the daemon and restart it).

It happens consistently for me, and one time it stopped while one of my zones were on, and I couldn’t shut it off..

The log file is not helping, as it stops logging when I get to this state. Also, my first zone is “”, since I don’t use it due to having used Sprinkler_pi before and it uses Zone 0 as Master Valve. Maybe it’s due to that, but my log file does not indicate which zones I have been triggering, it’s always empty:
Program, Zone, Duration, Finish Time, Date
Manual, ,, 0m28s, 16:41:20, Tue. 29 Apr 2014
Manual, ,, 0m13s, 16:40:41, Tue. 29 Apr 2014
Manual, ,, 0m15s, 16:40:23, Tue. 29 Apr 2014
Manual, ,, 0m6s, 16:40:03, Tue. 29 Apr 2014
Manual, ,, 0m6s, 16:39:52, Tue. 29 Apr 2014
Manual, ,, 0m7s, 16:39:41, Tue. 29 Apr 2014
Manual, ,, 0m9s, 16:39:29, Tue. 29 Apr 2014
Manual, ,, 0m7s, 16:39:14, Tue. 29 Apr 2014
Manual, ,, 0m6s, 16:39:01, Tue. 29 Apr 2014
Manual, ,, 0m6s, 16:38:51, Tue. 29 Apr 2014
Manual, ,, 0m11s, 16:38:07, Tue. 29 Apr 2014

The log file only contains this many entries, even though the settings says 999?

My last run had the following zone changes until it hung:
Zone 2: Toggle x 20 times
Zone 5: Toggle x 1 time
Zone 7: Toggle x 1 time
Now if I try to toggle zone 6 it won’t change the state. The daemon is operational, and I can change the site pages. The same happens when I use the Mobile App against the OpenSprinkler Pi Interval daemon, it stops responding and the mobile app gets out of sync.

I’m not a Python expert, so not sure how to debug this in more detail. If you want to populate a branch with tons of printf’s or other instrumentations, I be willing to run that for you to figure out what’s going on 😆

Might be prudent to have some sort of test framework in place, as these sort of failures can get very expensive if someone is not home to monitor the water usage..