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as usual you are VERY helpful. I was able to reset the EEPROM to factory and it let me redo the program and it all works fine locally. I set it up on my Samsung 4 as well. I did the port forwarding on my Comcast router and it appears to be right, but I have not figured out why it will not work. It appears to be right. I was kind of shocked about the IP address that Comcast uses. I was expecting 192.168.0.* to access my network, but it is Either I have not set it up right or maybe my antivirus is blocking it from working. I also can use your program on my Samsung phone, but it must be working on the local wifi, because it stops working when I leave the house. Not sure what I did wrong, but for now at least I was able to get my phone to work so I could get my phone working and use it to the system while in the yard and not have to keep running back to the original controller