Sorry but going to have to ask for your help again. The first link you sent uses compiled libraries but from my understanding JS alone can do it. So I am trying to modify my plugin https://github.com/salbahra/NetworkInterfacePlugin to support the device. I read that the qnx global stores most of the information needed and specifically the connection is found here:


I just have no way to figure out which way to get the IP. Any idea?

Update: This is what I have so far:

function getIP() {
var con;

try {
con = window.qnx.webplatform.device.activeConnection;
catch (e) { return false; }

if (!con || con.type == 'cellular') return false;
return con.ipAddress; // This is the made up part lol

module.exports = {
getIPAddress: function (success, fail, args, env) {
var result = new PluginResult(args, env),
ip = getIP();

if (!ip) {
} else {