@rorycb Well, everything was going well however I think I hit a snag. Blackberry web view seems to enforce CORS requests and requires a non-wildcard whitelist. Meaning I have to somehow exclude the IP of your OpenSprinkler at compile time. This of course is impossible. I did some research and the fix seems to be disabling web security within the web view however this seems to prevent submission to the store. This seems to be related to PhoneGap/Cordova apps.

Do you have any advice? Other than that, the app runs rather well on the emulator (really well designed emulator setup IMO). I have to write some custom code for the BlackBerry however so it can give me the WiFi IP. This will probably take me some time to figure out.

If I can solve the first issue, I think we will be home free. I am currently awaiting BlackBerry identification verification (they made me scan my driver’s license which is odd since none of the other’s did).


Update: The above mentioned fix does in fact remedy the situation. I guess I could submit the app in this form and see what happens.