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Also, after I work on supporting multiple station operation and master valves, I want to focus my attention on creating a scheduler.

I thought about using a Google Calendar like the demo that is available, but I wanted to do it without having to rely on an outside service. Also, it seems that making your Google calendar public now puts it in search results, and I don’t like that.

It’s really important to me that the schedule can be modified at runtime and have the changes automatically picked up without having to “do” anything on the Pi. I’m also looking at modifying the schedule remotely, so it needs to be (eventually) able to send the changes “over the wire” and down to the device where it’s stored. One of my design goals is to have everything run off the local device and not require an internet connection to operate. The other big goal is that the components are modular so that you don’t have to use a cloud service if you don’t choose to.

I’ve consulted a few people and I’m thinking of making the scheduler run via a cron job that runs every minute to look at the local scheduler file and see if a job should start. It doesn’t feel very elegant, but it’s pretty bomb-proof and doesn’t rely on yet another network service.