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I uninstalled the Beta, went to play store and installed that V. I believe I noted there had been an update on Aug 3rd which corrolates with my issue timing (If memory serves). Did not explicitly enable the update to the best of my knowledge. Is the default to push updates for the Androi? Regardless, I have the same behavior as before; the majority of the time there’s no state change in OS and I always get a password check error. Went to the PC changed my OS passwd and as well noted I could manually run the system as designed. No change in the APP behavior. Rebooted OS (on/off hardboot, the app would not initiate), No change in App behavior.

NOTE: The APP shows manual to be off and wont turn on (password error). Via PC, OS is indeed NOT in manual mode. I turned on a station via PC, re-entered the APP and it showed manual mode on but again would not change or even turn off all stations via the app.

If I can provide additional info, be remote hands, or give you my PWD and let you root around, just let me know. It’s putting a major crimp in my style this weekend. We’re planting beds today and adjusting sprinklers, about 100 of them :), could really use the mobile app…my wifi dies about 10 feet off the porch 😉

Very much appreciate your attention!