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Can you please try the new beta? I made the changes below but I also added a debugger which lets me have some information about the app’s status. For this to work though we both have to be on at the same time therefore let me know when would be a good time. All you have to do is install the newest beta (same link).

I added a yellow status indicator when toggling stations. During this phase, it has sent the request but awaiting confirmation. Also, it uses the status from the device instead of the background color to determine what a station is currently doing (clearing up some confusion). If this isn’t working then something different is causing issues, possibly a caching issue. I hope to resolve it by using the above strategy.

By the way, please note the app expects all control to be done through one device at a time. If you are changing things on the PC, the app continues assuming the previous state. With that said, information is updated periodically and during page changes (applicable info only).

Update: By the way, I did a diff on 1.1.5…1.1.6 and nothing was changed in the manual mode behaviour or error checking. So not sure if that’s when the problem was introduced.