Looks like both the MC34063 switching regulator and MCP1700 linear regulator are damaged. Not sure why that happened. I do have some spare parts I can send you. It will be on the way tomorrow. This will include the two regulators, inductor, and two diodes (R3000 and 1N5819). My suspicion is that you probably only need to replace the two regulators. For diodes, use your multimeter to check the forward drop voltage: R3000 should be around 1.5V to 2V, and 1N5819 should be around 0.2V. If not, replace the diodes as well.

Be careful desoldering components off PCB: probably the safe way is to clip the leads off the component body first, then you can desolder each lead one by one, or in some cases directly solder a new component on the leftovers of old leads. Do not use too much strength to pull out leads, or you may damage the PCB trace.