There is something I really don’t understand.

In the schematics, the center taps for the enet jack with magnets is pin 6 and pin 3 but the datasheet for HR911105A says it is a type 9 schematics and pins 4 and 5 are center taps…

ENET JACK Schematics: ftp://imall.iteadstudio.com/Connector_Socket/DS_IM120814005.pdf

None the less, I look off the ENET jack with a solder sucker and now I no longer get a short between R4 and I get 50 ohms as expected. I stick back in the ENET chip and it is drawing 60mA on 12V input with everything plugged in except for enet jack.

Still, the LCD is not being initialized….giving up pretty soon…