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I updated to Dan-in-CA’s latest code from his fork on GitHub. See:

That version cleans up several issues per the Readme.txt:

* Jun 26 2013
1. Last run logging is now working for manual mode when an optionsl time value is selected, even if more that one station is started.
2. Fixed a bug that prevented the home page display from updating when running irrigation programs.
3. Includes a fix from Samer that allows the program preview time marker to update properly.

I have been focusing on the RainDelay feature since we received about 2″ in the last couple of days. Earlier today, I set the “Rain Delay” to shortly after 8PM local time today. All worked as desired as no zones activated today. However, at 8:20ish Local time, the Rain Delay feature was still activated.

Does anyone else see this phenomenon? To test, set your Rain Delay for 1 hour, then check back after the hour has passed and see if it is still in rain delay mode or not.

Thanks to ALL!