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Also, I’ve got a couple of weird issues since the update:

1) My unit’s display shows TUE even though the date & time are accurate and when I log into the device remotely it shows the proper day as FRI.

2) I can’t manually adjust my PORT # from the default 80 to what I currently have forwarded on my router for this device.

3) The MAC is a different address than it was before the firmware update. This has lead to me needing to make correction within my router’s Static DHCP settings so that it assigns the same IP and thus proper port forwarding to be visible outside of my network.

4) When the screen sleeps or goes into the dim mode none of the 3 side buttons (b1, b2 or b3) will wake it. Only a physical power down and back on with the toggle switch will wake it. To be fair, this happened only the one time after I updated the firmware and I haven’t yet had the ability to try to recreate.

5) My web access page looks completely different in that none of the buttons have colors or emblems the way they previously did with v2.0.0 so I’m not sure if this is a new change with v2.0.4 or not but I noticed as soon as I logged in that it looked much more plain.

6) In my router’s client list it now shows the device at this IP address as OpenSprinkler-00 as opposed to what it was previously called: OpenSprinkler.

So far, these are the first differences I am noticing.