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Until a few weeks ago I had two sprinkler controllers – one in my basement and one on the side of my pool cabana. I wanted to consolidate these into one web-enabled controller in my basement – unfortunately I bought an IrrigationCaddy before I learned about OSPi. I had a spare CAT-6 drop running from my basement to my pool Cabana so I used that to go from one of the old unused controllers to the leads on my new IrrigationCaddy. I hooked it up about two weeks ago and it seems to be working fine.

My run is probably at least 100 feet – probably longer as I bought a 50 ft CAT-6 patch cable, cut it in the middle and connected one end to the COM, and Zones 4-8 of my new controller and plugged the RJ-45 into my main LAN drop panel in the basement. I connected the other end to zones 1-5 of my old controller and plugged it into my LAN drop in the pool cabana.