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Thanks for the suggestion. This actually used to be an option but was removed since I switched to the logo for the header on the main page. I understand people have multiple sprinklers and are trying to differentiate between them. I kind of want to avoid adding another configuration option unless needed. With that said, is there any information on the OS or the server hosting the web app that could identify the OS? In other words, can I show an IP in the page title that would alleviate this problem? Doesn’t have to be the IP, I am just making a suggestion.

Right now, I modify the title already so this is not a difficult thing to add. Also, I don’t think I am too worried about people using an OpenSprinkler for non-sprinkler reasons since my web app is 100% tailored for that use scenario. I understand the OS/OSPi is a very diverse piece of hardware however it would be almost impossible to design a UI that kept that in mind, that also provided the functions needed for a sprinkler system.