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Thanks. Those are great comments, will definitely take them into account when I update the files next time.

Some notes regarding your comments:
1. About flash eMMC: to be honest, I was quite confused in the beginning myself how it works. I had thought that it’s like RPi: you pop in the SD card and that’s it. Later I discovered that you need to press the boot button when starting, and wait for about 10 minutes for it to flash into the internal eMMC. So I updated the instructions but perhaps there were some earlier instructions, particularly what I said in the video were outdated.

2. Hmm, I have always used 2GB uSD card for testing and it seems to work fine. Will check again.

3. The password is not documented in the README.txt, instead, it’s documented in the homepage after the Bone boots from the pre-configured image. I’ve planned it this way so users will only see the relevant instructions step by step. For example, README.txt only describes how to install the pre-configured SD card; after the installation, the homepage describes how to run the interval program, and use the mobile web app, and there are further links to the user manual of the interval program etc. There are lots of information and I hope not to overwhelm the user right in the beginning by putting them all in the README.txt. So I can definitely put the password in the README.txt, but I just want to explain the stories behind 🙂