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might consider using a BR battery then opposed to a CR; my concern with the battery is temperature range.

OK, agreed, consideration of temperature range is a good point.

My Transformer has a ground connection,

I’ve only seen one transformer (made by RainBird) that has three wires. The majority of transformers I’ve seen use only two wires and I don’t think there is any ground wire (also considering that the secondary coil is isolated from the primary coil).

I know laptops with usb radios have all sorts of issues until you plug it into the wall and give it a ground..

OK, I didn’t know about this, but isn’t that a lot of laptop power adapters use two-prong plug?

PS: I noticed after the fact there’s a 5v header already on my OSbo; how much current of 5v would be safe to a small hub like this: … 1&format=2 ? If you could get over 2A of power to a hub it’d open the doors to a whole bunch of USB options/modules.

The switching circuit on OSPi/OSBo is not designed to provide more than 700 to 800mA of current. The LM2596 chip can, but the inductor / diode should be upgraded to provide more current.