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Thank You for your response,

using WAN IP address ? / Yes I obtained by whatsmyip
did I change ports on device/ yes then pressed b3 to recycle and verified new port number on the device
can you communicate directly using WAN IP / No but can with Local IP:port

results: I forwarded with port forwarding and port triggering and it worked this time. I then disabled the triggering and it still worked ???
Was this a result of the triggering if it worked with the triggering disabled?

But this success was on a router and network for testing only. knowing it worked, I then installed it back on my Verizon router /Verizon network which has no triggering option and it wont work.
I used the IP:port in the app and set router to ip address start port 5000 end port 5000 protocal TCP
I tried disabling firewall ?? but no change
Verizon was unable to help me regarding their router.
Any other ideas to offer me?