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Let me explain the rationale behind having each program use the same water time for the selected stations. Since this is different from how a lot of other sprinkler controllers work, I understand it can be confusing. The main reason is that OpenSprinkler is designed to support potentially a large number of stations. The highest number I’ve seen is that one user bought one main controller plug four expansion boards, for a total of 40 stations. If each program allows a different water time for each station, this will potentially require a large amount of space to store the program data. While it won’t be an issue for OSPi (since there is plenty of space on the SD card), but on the microcontroller-based OpenSprinkler, the program data are stored in EEPROM, which has limited space. This is while most other controllers are limited to only 3 or 4 programs in total. I believe it’s due to the storage constraint.

In practice, there are seldom cases where you can’t consolidate the water time into a small number of uniform groups. For example, you can probably split all your stations into 2 or 3 groups, where each group uses the same amount of water time. As the user manual clearly explains, if you set each program to have the same start/ending and interval settings (while different water times), it will work as if it was one single program. This is overall a more efficient way to use storage.

Certainly you can change it to the other way by modifying the source code. The downside is that you will have significantly less number of programs. Hope this explains the design decision.