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Wow, thanks for this! Looks like a reasonable way to hack the OSPi to get it to do what I want. I could certainly play around with the code as you describe, and this gives me a starting point for experimentation. It would certainly be nice to be able to treat all of the stations on the same program (schedule). This would prevent water pressure drops if the front sprinklers were operating at the same time as those in the back yard. It seems to be that this would be a simpler design task if the program were simply running as a “server” for HTTP GET commands, with all UI implemented by a web app. The web app could query scheduling databases from as many OSPis were on the net, and do the job of coordinating the schedule by a series of HTTP GET commands to open each valve independently. This might make it easier to implement individual durations per station as well. While I really like the OpenSprinkler scheduler program, it would really help to have a way to control individual station times for each program, as some zones need more water than others.

I agree, it is a shame that I can’t just do this from a single location. I have 9 zones in the back, meaning I need an zone expansion board, and then an entirely separate OSPi for the front. Aargh!

In any event, you all have done such a great job supporting a really nice way to control water usage.