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1) Regarding downgrading to 2.0.0, the issue was because you used ‘-p m328p’ in the command. It should be ‘-p m644’ because OpenSprinkler 2.0 uses ATmega644 microcontroller, not mega328.

2) Regarding microSD card problem, how did you format the SD card? I’ve had issues when formatting the card in Linux. It should be formatted to FAT16. Somehow when I formatted it in Linux it wasn’t recognizable, but it was fine when formatted in Windows. I will investigate the issue later.

3) I’ve just released firmware 2.0.3 in Github. Please my next post for details. Basically 2.0.3 uses Javascripts stored at by default, and provides an option to change the Javascript url if you need. For example, if you want to host it locally on the controller, you can copy files to a microSD card, pop it in, and change the Javascript url to . (i.e. a dot). For details please see the next post.