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Yes, an option to choose measurement units would be nice. Hardly anybody but the US uses gallons and inches anymore. Even US gallons are different from UK ones.

I was born in the UK and brought up with the “imperial system” as they then called it but also learned the metric system in science classes. Later I moved to Switzerland where knowing the metric system sure came in handy. After 35 years there I moved back to the UK for 4 years only to find that they too had switched to metric. Now I live permanently in the US, I am back to using feet, inches and miles again. Actually I quite like using 1/6 and 32nds of an inch. It is very satisfying. Even my old analog 0 – 1″ micrometer has been resurrected.

For me both systems are valid but the world seems to have decided that it is easier to count to ten rather than 3, 12, 20, 36 or whatever.