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@salbahra wrote:

If you reset the config, does the export work? I am wondering if this is some sort of data encoding issue in station names?


No. Still the same behaviour.

On restoring the configuration I’ve found ten programms instead than 5.
I have to check them, but at first inspection it seems that they are my actual ones plus some old ones.
Is that doubling of programs an expected behaviour?

UPDATE: they are doubled; two identical copies of 5 programs.
1=6, 2=7, …., 5=10.

No. I can’t even find any export on both side panels: may be I did not understand well where to search for it.

In the meanwhile, I upgraded to version 1.1.7 the web interface.

UPDATE: from the web interface (ethernet wire connected to my router, iceweasel on Debian wheezy) I cannot export the log at all. On pressing “export” the e-mali client (Evolution) do not even opens up. I will check Iceweasel settings.
Should I move to 2.0.8 firmware ??