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@ottorino wrote:

Apparently I have also some other problems (better call them perplexities), but I will report on them when I will have a true keyboard and a more reliable connection.

On the mobile app: on entering the log page, appears a graphic, with lines, no areas. If you modify the time window, or the grouping, the graph doubles and appears as seen trough a prism. Almost unreadable

On the web program: none of the above; and the lines appears not as areas, but as lines.

I can say areas because for some reason I’ve got a unreal 1091 seconds on a station, dropping to zero in 20 minutes, linearly.

It was due to some misfunctioning: that station entered in a strange loop; it was running over and over again, but the valves did not open at all.

To reboot was not sufficient: I had to turn the controller off and wait some minutes to recover.

This is the main reason for which I would like to see the logs.

Before you ask, Samer: the logs are not mailable, either if the weird run is included or not.

I also noticed that on table, only minutes are reported. I have a heavy clayey soil with some slope here and there, i.e. its infiltration rate is very low and dictates very short (about 40 sec) and long-distant-in-time watering periods.

Are the emailed logs rounded to the nearest minute as well ?