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Thanks Samer, it was easier than I expected.

Now I have another question: the data format of the logs.

They looks like;

1,1,40,1408579221],[2,2,180,1408579403], [5,0,45,1408582846], … , [3,3,120,1409088721],[99,0,21,1409090274],[99,0,65533,1409090289],[99,1,60,1409301780],[99,4,60,1409301871],[99,3,60,1409302036

I would like to import them into “R”, but this is not a familiar format to me.

I can guess that ( between the inner [ ], from the last figure );

A) the long final figure is the date (which format ? seconds from which date ?);

B) the number before are the seconds during which the station was on
(the “65533” is the mistery I would like to solve; it has been happened twice during this month);

C) the number before is the program which activate the station, being 0 a manual start.

D) the first number should be the station, but I suppose that the “99” have a special meaning, which I’m missing.

Are my guesses correct ??