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OK, rewiring the Ethernet jack to the ENC28J60 fixed the link problem. The board is now linking to the Ethernet switch. I still fail to obtain a IP Address, so future battles remain.

As a hint for anyone else with this issue, the datasheet from Digikey for the Pulse Jack is not correct. They show a pinout for the jack that is labeled PCB component side. What they should have said was PCB solder side. Due to their incorrect drawing , I wired it up 180 degrees out the first time. When the wiring is correct, you should read only a few ohms resistance between pins 16 and 17. Likewise, only a few ohms resistance between pins 12 and 13. The low resistance is the windings of the transformer in the jack. If you read 100 ohms, then the jack is not correctly connected. Also pins 16 and 17 should show only a few ohms to +3.3V. This is the center tap of the transformer making that connection.