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Once you have a microSD Card with the image on it as per my earlier post, you just stick the card in Ray’s adapter and then into the Pi and power it up. OSPi is designed to work headless i.e. without a screen but if you have your Pi connected to a screen and keyboard/mouse then you can login to the Pi (Username: pi, Password: raspberry) and play with the Pi.

To manage OSPi it will be better to use PuTTY to access the OSPI once it is installed. You will need to find the IP address of your OSPi and this can be done in several ways.
– If you have a screen and keyboard connected, just type


at the command line. This will display the IP addresses of the wired (eth0) and wireless (wlan0) interfaces.
– on an Android phone please download Fing from GooglePlay
– in Windows try Advanced IP Scanner here

Both the above utilities will reveal the current IP address of the Pi so that you can use PuTTY. You will also need the IP address when you install and configure salbahra’s OpenSprinkler program or to access OSPi’s internal web pages using :8080

Once you can access the Pi, and the web pages please come back here and we can help you along further. All this is a little bit daunting at first and if, like me you are not a Linux guru it seems even harder. However learning is about stumbling about an banging into things until you learn enough to ask the right questions. Even then the folk in here will guide you towards the right questions.

It is worth it because once it works, OSPi is brilliant.