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The RF route is extreme overkill for most applications.

I understand, but personally I hate running long wires. I think RF is a more elegant solution, plus one transmitter can be programmed to talk to multiple devices. On the other hand, hard-wired solutions are more robust for sure.

I agree about the wires – we just moved into a new home and the previous owners put the sprinker control unit in the back yard right next to the control valves. I guess they hated long wires too! I’m going to buy some longer wires and move it into the garage where it’s more secure and has better protection from the elements. I’m not too excited about leaving a wlan-connected device sitting out in the open.

Wireless makes sense if the unit isn’t in the garage. But I prefer the simplicity, security, and cost effectiveness of hardwiring it since my unit will be in the garage. For a simpleton like me the hardwiring is easier and quicker than sniffing out the RF codes.

Also, since this mod deals with a potential security issue (garage door access to a home), I’m trying to limit the complexity and number of wireless connections – so the OSpi will be connected via ethernet and all the garage door connections will be wired. So the main vulnerabilities will be the garage door opener itself and any internet weaknesses. Still not perfect, but it’s a start.